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“Come and see one of the most majestic, and largest, animals in the world, the Humpback Whales, as they frolic and leap out of the water in an epic display of beauty and power”

There are few things in the world that compare to the sight of massive Humpback Whales shooting out of the Ocean´s depths, launching high into the air, and returning to the sea amidst a colossal splash.

To be yards away from such a sight is truly an exhilarating experience. Join us on our specially designed, high-speed inflatable Apex boats for a safe and comfortable expedition.

On this tour, you will learn all about these magnificent animals and even have the opportunity to listen to them communicate under the surface with our hydrophone sound system. Respecting maritime rules, our guides will get you as close as possible so you can capture the whales leaping out of the water.  Do not forget your camera as this will make for spectacular photos and videos to take home and share with family and friends. You won’t want to miss out on this extraordinary experience.


  • Have a once in a lifetime experience as you get to see whales leaping into the air in an exhilarating display of power on this whale watching expedition.
  • On this unique expedition not only will you get to see the whales, but you will get to hear them communicate with one another using our hydrophone sound system.
  • Our high-speed inflatable Apex boats will get you up close and personal, while being safe, to the some of the world’s largest animals.

What’s Included?

Water, snacks, hydrophones.


Photos and souvenirs. **Transportation $7.00 usd Adult and $3.5 usd Child (under 11 year old), pay on location.**

Additional Information


Wear clothes that can get wet,  Non-slip, soft sole shoes, bring sunscreen, Hat, Light jacket or sweater.


Restrooms and lockers available at cabo dolphins

Due to the boat design, bathrooms are not available on board

What equipment is included in the tour?

Hydrophone* subject to sea conditions


Expectant mothers or guests with back or neck problems may not participate in this adventure. Kids are considered from 5 to 11 years old

Special Request:

Not suitable for disabled people

Departure Time Notes:

Daily 8:00am,  9:00am,11:00am 12:00pm, 2:00pm and 3:00pm in season from December to April

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